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November 8, 2016

Praxis specializes in developing CTE/Elective courses for the US publishers.

Career Technical Education

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At Praxis, we design and develop customized and flexible content for various Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as well as state-specific standards. These technologically-enabled, media-rich courses help students get hands-on training in the career program of their choice, preparing them for the highly competitive global economy. The added feature of mobility allows students to access these courses from their mobile phones and other portable devices. These courses provide a dynamic, blended learning environment that better prepares students for further education, making them both career and college ready.

We, at Praxis, prepare students for careers in specific fields by providing them with in-depth understanding and coverage of various subject matters along with in-demand skills that will make them job-ready. We cater to the growing demands of blended learning by using various forms of instruction as well as text-based learning with appropriate visual aids. We understand how students benefit from relevant, career-specific knowledge and strive to maximize their potential. Examples of some of the CTE courses that we have designed include Architecture and Construction, Audio Video Production, Drafting and Design, Web Technologies, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Culinary Arts, and so on.



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At Praxis, our capable team of instructional designers, writers, editors, and multimedia specialists bring their expertise and experience together to develop courses that help students gain an understanding of a wide variety of subjects. We develop courses in a range of subjects for students at the high school level, seeking first-time credit or credit recovery. These courses provide instructors the flexibility to rearrange, add, or remove content to suit individual student abilities and challenges. The added feature of mobility allows students to access these courses from their mobile phones and other portable devices.

Electives courses, which are designed to provide an introduction to various subjects, consist of several modules, each with web-based content supplemented with a variety of lesson activities that provide hands-on experience, giving students a real-world feel as well as the required exposure to the subject matter.  These courses also have a wide variety of interactions and assessments that help students demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter—an important aspect of the learning process. Examples of electives courses designed by us are:

forensic science, psychology, marine biology, visual arts, philosophy, astronomy, mythology and folklore.


Corporate Training Modules

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Today, more than ever before, companies have come to realize the importance of employee training as a contributing factor to success. As companies re-evaluate their existing learning strategies, we, at Praxis, understand how to engage employees effectively and provide the right corporate training solutions. We use our expertise in e-learning to develop engaging and interactive training modules for the corporate sector.

With animated role play scenarios that bring life to instructor-led presentations, employees get to experience the subject of the training module in an interactive setting. We also encourage employees to engage in scenario-based simulations. These simulations are designed to provide an engaging and immersive experience in a virtual environment. Trainees can learn and practice by making mistakes in a risk-free environment. With our corporate training modules, we help improve the engagement levels of employees and bring a positive impact on the overall business strategy of a company.


Learning Games and Apps

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Including fun elements in the learning process motivates students to immerse themselves in active learning. To this end, we provide students with well-designed games that provide a fun learning experience. Our gamification approach to learning goes beyond mere inclusion of game components. Learning games are designed to provide practice in real-world contexts and engage learners through a self-reinforcing loop of feedback and motivation. These learning tools can be accessed from various mobile phones and portable devices, allowing on-the-go learning.

Bearing in mind the growing use of mobile devices for instruction, we also develop content-specific learning apps that can be downloaded from app stores. The learning apps provide the flexibility for instruction to occur in twenty-first century style—both within the classroom and outside, making them both compelling and fun. These learning games and apps engage students and act as self-reinforcement tools for feedback and motivation.  We design our games and apps for single-player and multi-player environments that can be experienced both on computer and mobile platforms.


Assessments and Test Packs

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One of the most widely used and best tools to measure learning outcomes is assessments. At Praxis, our team of instructional designers, writers, and subject matter experts create technology-enhanced assessments for diagnostic, formative, and summative purposes. Our assessments are aligned to standards and are available either as a part of a course or as standalone test packs. The assessments we create are not only grade and subject-appropriate but also align to the pedagogical structure and depth of knowledge. They also test a student’s assimilation of the learning objectives in real-world settings and provide the student with effective feedback to reinforce learning.



User Assistance

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Praxis is amongst the leading India-based providers of offshore content development for education, product training, and user assistance. Its customers include top US educational & IT training publishers, Fortune 500 corporations, and the world’s largest software vendors.

Praxis has a robust development framework that enables creating user documentation parallel to product development and conversion of feature and functional descriptions into task-based information. The framework ensures fidelity to the customer technical writing and graphic design standards and guidelines including correct usage, tone, interactions, feedback, language, and cultural diversity. Praxis specializes in developing content for global audiences by developing examples, case studies, and scenarios that work across different cultures; usingmetaphors and symbols that are universally relevant; avoiding use of colloquialisms, slang, and idioms that are difficult to translate; and ensuring that characterizations are culturally authentic.

Rich media product training content developed incorporates the latest in technology and pedagogy including mobility, social media, gamification, adaptive assessments, etc.

Praxis specializes in providing the entire range of user assistance and product training materials:

  1. Content to Support Users: Structured, Dynamic Information Development
    • User manuals
    • User assistance, online help
    • Administration guides, installation manuals,
    • Reference manuals
  2. Content to Train Users: Engaging, Interactive, Simulation-based Product Training
    • E-Learning based training
    • Mobile learning

Praxis is staffed with content and code specialists with skills in information architecture, technical writing, instructional design, instructional writing, editing, multimedia design and programming, graphic design, game design and development, localization, testing and project, and program management.

Praxis has multi-year partnerships with its client and its operational model focuses on setting up and managing dedicated teams. The teams are staffed to meet skill and scale gaps across the customers’ product development lifecycles and operate as virtual extensions of their in-house teams. Praxis has in place a robust framework that ensures the teams are fluent in the development methodologies, processes, standards, guidelines, and communication practices of its customers. The teams are trained to have a deep understanding of the customers’ products and the unique requirements of their extended customers and learners.


IT Training

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With new, revolutionary technologies emerging every day, information technology (IT) has become a key player in many industries and plays a vital role in a company’s growth and development. In order to prepare students for this, we provide a plethora of courses dealing with many aspects of IT. These courses not only prepare students for careers in the IT industry but also prepare them for major industry-specific certification examinations such as Microsoft and Java. Our courses take a novel approach to learning by providing procedural demonstrations and simulations that guide learners through various aspects of IT, from hardware management to programming. Exploratory demonstrations ensure that students are exposed to the product environment to increase familiarity with the subject matter.

Our courses also provide simulations as a form of guided practice in performing certain IT-related tasks. While most IT courses use simulations as a reinforcement tool, we also use them as a teaching tool in situations that require higher cognitive function. Examples of IT courses designed by us are:

mobile application development for iOS and Android, cyber security, Java certification courses, Microsoft certification courses.