Software Development

January 19, 2017




Application Development:


Praxis provides entire range of applications in Health and Educational sectors:

  • Scratch application development
  • Reengineering/migration
  • Maintenance
  • Testing

Praxis is staffed with code and UI specialists with skills in business analysis, architecture, software programming, database design/development /administration, user interface design and development, testing and program and project management


.NET Product Engineering:


Praxis has proven expertise in building world-class products using the latest Microsoft technologies and standards. Our knowledge of Microsoft .NET technologies and application development methodologies
enables us to work with customers across domains and successfully meet their performance and scalability requirements.

At each stage of the application development cycle, we bring people, process, and technology expertise to proactively guide you through the challenges of meeting market requirements within budget and with speed and accuracy. We collaborate with our customers from the conceptualization stage through to the application go-live and maintenance stages. We translate market requirements into product requirements and author use cases, create robust architectures, design user-centric interfaces, build prototypes, develop enterprise-scale products using the latest Microsoft .NET framework, conduct independent testing, and hand off market-ready products.

We practice agile development methodologies to help you take advantage of emerging market opportunities. We develop software in time-boxed iterations; each iteration is a discrete project encompassing all the SDLC stages. Our agile software project model is capable of releasing a standalone software at the end of every iteration. Our solution architects help you realize your vision of services-based products by implementing service oriented architectures. We provide consulting, implementation, and reengineering of existing product architectures using the SOA framework.


HTML5 & Responsive Web Design:


HTML5 is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for building high-quality mobile and desktop applications. HTML5 (together with CSS and JavaScript) lifts the restrictions of earlier HTML standards through native support for advanced graphics, video, typography, animation, and many other interactive effects.

  • AngularJS + TypeScript
  • JQuery
  • Telerik-KendoUI
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Our Web development team specializes in creating mobile media with an HTML5 design and conversion strategy that optimizes content for delivery to any tablet or smartphone.

We can quickly and efficiently convert any legacy content (developed using Flash, Authorware, Director, PDF, PPT, etc.) into streamlined HTML5 packages that are compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.


Mobile Applications:


Our Mobile Lab is staffed by creative directors, information architects, UX designers, programmers, and test engineers trained in mobile app development best practices and design principles to produce apps that look good, function intuitively, and deliver effective learning programs across multiple platforms.

In order to create a design that’s truly optimized for mobile context and not just for small screens, we tackle the many challenges of mobile development upfront. The constraints of the mobile context drive us to focus on what content is essential and how to present that content as quickly as possible.





Media Conversion / Migration:


We can help you convert your legacy and Flash media assets to HTML5 code that can be run on most current browsers, desktops, and mobile devices (including iPads, tablets, and smart phones).

Our conversion solution strategy includes the following elements:

  • Onscreen text
  • Images
  • Audio & video
  • Interactive media
  • Tools
  • Shared libraries and font libraries

Our highly skilled cross-functional team includes experts in instructional design, graphic design, writers, UI designers, Copy editors, illustrators, Flash programmers, HTML5 programmers, and Test engineers.