We, at Praxis, provide a range of solutions in the areas of software application development and maintenance, e-learning content development and analytics
We create personalized and adaptive learning content that is technologically enabled and media rich.

Software Development
Praxis specializes in providing mobile ready, cloud based software solutions in education and healthcare space. We design, build, reengineer, and maintain large-scale (million-plus users) education platforms for digital publishers and education technology providers. We create diagnostic and hospital management platforms.

We leverage our deep understanding of learning methodologies to build applications that have intuitive and engaging user interfaces and customized student workflows. We specialize in the Microsoft stack of technologies and have significant experience developing applications for software-as-a-service (SAAS) delivery models, mobile learning, and social media integration. We have extensively designed applications using services oriented architectures (SOA) and agile development methodologies, particularly SCRUM.

Content Development
At Praxis, we are dedicated to providing education by using unparalleled technology to enhance the learning experience. We specialize in creating online learning experiences that areengaging, motivating, and educational. Our products are used by some of the best education product owners including publishers, online universities, and virtual schools. At Praxis, we believe that learning is not confined to the classroom. Mobile devices have become commonplace learning tools and publishers are developing new content and repurposing existing products for mobile delivery. At Praxis, our technology and instructional design teams work together to create media-rich content that is not just mobile compatible but is optimized for multiple platforms and devices. We develop our products through a ‘design from scratch’ approach rather than a patchwork approach that relies on quick fix solutions. We ensure learner engagement by creating content, engineering tools, and designing the user interface to create products that are optimized for a wide range of platforms and devices. We are a team of experienced instructional designers, creative directors, writers, editors, information architects, UX designers, programmers, and test engineers that is committed to ensure that students receive unsurpassed, highly-effective content through a combination of efforts. Our collective passion drives us as a team. We excel in developing content that provides customized learning solutions through a blended approach , ensuring long term success.

Big Data Analytics
Our solutions and services enable businesses to transform their large amounts of data into meaning information. We help in generating actionable insights. Our reports and dashboards help businesses take better and faster decisions that can create sustainable business impact. Our vision is to be the trusted partner for business and help them achieve accelerated outcome by extracting, analyzing, and visualizing their data. We deliver solutions with accuracy, speed, and steady commitment. We create solutions for all the stages of Big Data analytics. We specialize in reporting and visualization. Our reports and interactive dashboards help in understanding complex data. Our data visualization helps in finding connections between data sets, identifying areas of improvement, and finding factors that influence sales or customer behavior. Users can directly interact with data, manipulate data, and draw conclusions instantly. We hire people with good experience and technical capacity to create great software and services.

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